On the weather

A phenomenon in the UK, everyone talks about the weather! It amused me when I first arrived here, but I came to realise how it affects our daily lives.

In South Africa, you could be sure, generally, that the day was going to be hot and sunny. Sure, we have our rainy spells, and winter on the Highveld can be very cold. About every six or seven years we might have a light snowfall! Such excitement.



Abandoned umbrellas abound ...

In Britain we have funny (peculiar) rain – rain that can’t make up it’s mind. Does it actually want to rain or will it just hang about in the grey heavy clouds, keeping us on tenterhooks? Or will it just be pretend-rain that actually seems to come upwards from the pavement?



... another redundancy!

Or will it be a sudden downpour, drenching us from head to toe as we struggle to find our (useless) umbrellas in depths of our handbags? How about that stormy rain that blows in from the Channel and bowls over everything and everyone in it’s path?


… had enough

Whichever way it occurs, store-bought umbrellas are useless, sheltering us for a few seconds before saying “ooh, I’ve had enough of this”, giving up and blowing inside out. I often wonder if I should splash out (gettit?) and buy one of those “hurricane-proof” umbrellas I see advertised, but sincerely doubt if even they are British-weather-proof.

And so I join the damp throng in my traditional outfit of “kagool and wellies” (that’s anorak and gum-boots to you South Africans), and let the rain wash every scrap of make-up from my face. It’s either that or go stir-crazy.

 Oh, those lovely endlessly-long hot summer days and nights are a distant memory *sigh*. But the winter equinox is around the corner …




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