On stormy weather


Sunshine came softly through my window today ...

… but only briefly this morning, before the rain reappeared with a vengeance.

The weather continues to be the topic of conversation, probably because it’s so in-your-face (literally). Yesterday continued the stormy wildness across the south of the country. Headlines screamed “storms lash Britain!” much to the anger of the Northerners (according to the blog comments on MSN), who believe they are side-lined in news reports. Bad weather in the south does not constitute the whole of Britain, they say.

Oh hang on, have just read another report that says the north will be getting their strong winds and downpours – “be careful of what you wish for”!

Britons make me laugh with their seriousness, there are some comments (again on MSN’s blog) about building arks, leaving the country, and some really bitchy remarks saying well why don’t you just go then if you hate this country so much. Lighten up folks! It’s November, surely this is perfectly normal for this time of year.

Lastborn Daughter is still bedridden, with ‘flu symptoms of a swollen sore throat, shivers, aching body. It’s been a week now, and just as she seems to get better, down she goes again. Cat’s think the best defence is sleep …


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