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On being invisible

December 1, 2009

Low tide at sunset - the sun managed to find a gap in the clouds

As the rain let up a bit, I decided to venture out on the streets. Twice today I was almost mown down by members of the public. Once by a man coming out of a shop, then by a couple crossing the road and onto the pavement in front of me. Luckily I still have sharp reflexes, and managed to jerk back to avoid contact. Although I uttered a loud “Ho!” on neither occasions did they acknowledge me, apologise or even notice me. When did I become invisible?

It’s not a new occurrence, I have noticed it before. As I’ve become older I’ve apparently become transparent. There are hundreds of us ghostlike “oldies” wandering around the streets, armies of us going about our invisible business.

I guess it’s the way we were brought up, not to be pushy – for example, I could never get a drink at a crowded bar (the fact that I’m short in stature doesn’t help).

It’s not the fact that I lack confidence, quite the opposite in fact, and I’m definitely not a cartoon grey-haired granny – I dress fashionably and take care of my appearance. So what is it then that makes us invisible? Could it be that we don’t appear in many advertisements? Except for wrinkle remedies, funeral and insurance policies, incontinence pads and denture fixative ads, we aren’t exactly in the public eye. You never see commercials on TV of a group of golden oldies listening to our ipods, laughing as we text each other while striding into a pub and ordering the latest alcoholic beverage with our mates. Not for us the fashion shoots, trendy boots and handbags, hairstyling products or make-up. Hey people, we love our music, we love socializing, we love fashionable clothes – we may be old but we aren’t dead yet!

So next time you see me, move over – I’m coming through!