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On being invisible

December 1, 2009

Low tide at sunset - the sun managed to find a gap in the clouds

As the rain let up a bit, I decided to venture out on the streets. Twice today I was almost mown down by members of the public. Once by a man coming out of a shop, then by a couple crossing the road and onto the pavement in front of me. Luckily I still have sharp reflexes, and managed to jerk back to avoid contact. Although I uttered a loud “Ho!” on neither occasions did they acknowledge me, apologise or even notice me. When did I become invisible?

It’s not a new occurrence, I have noticed it before. As I’ve become older I’ve apparently become transparent. There are hundreds of us ghostlike “oldies” wandering around the streets, armies of us going about our invisible business.

I guess it’s the way we were brought up, not to be pushy – for example, I could never get a drink at a crowded bar (the fact that I’m short in stature doesn’t help).

It’s not the fact that I lack confidence, quite the opposite in fact, and I’m definitely not a cartoon grey-haired granny – I dress fashionably and take care of my appearance. So what is it then that makes us invisible? Could it be that we don’t appear in many advertisements? Except for wrinkle remedies, funeral and insurance policies, incontinence pads and denture fixative ads, we aren’t exactly in the public eye. You never see commercials on TV of a group of golden oldies listening to our ipods, laughing as we text each other while striding into a pub and ordering the latest alcoholic beverage with our mates. Not for us the fashion shoots, trendy boots and handbags, hairstyling products or make-up. Hey people, we love our music, we love socializing, we love fashionable clothes – we may be old but we aren’t dead yet!

So next time you see me, move over – I’m coming through!


And still it rains

November 29, 2009

Cattoo wonders if it will ever stop

On stormy weather

November 16, 2009


Sunshine came softly through my window today ...

… but only briefly this morning, before the rain reappeared with a vengeance.

The weather continues to be the topic of conversation, probably because it’s so in-your-face (literally). Yesterday continued the stormy wildness across the south of the country. Headlines screamed “storms lash Britain!” much to the anger of the Northerners (according to the blog comments on MSN), who believe they are side-lined in news reports. Bad weather in the south does not constitute the whole of Britain, they say.

Oh hang on, have just read another report that says the north will be getting their strong winds and downpours – “be careful of what you wish for”!

Britons make me laugh with their seriousness, there are some comments (again on MSN’s blog) about building arks, leaving the country, and some really bitchy remarks saying well why don’t you just go then if you hate this country so much. Lighten up folks! It’s November, surely this is perfectly normal for this time of year.

Lastborn Daughter is still bedridden, with ‘flu symptoms of a swollen sore throat, shivers, aching body. It’s been a week now, and just as she seems to get better, down she goes again. Cat’s think the best defence is sleep …

On a stormy day

November 14, 2009

Rainbow after the rain - phone pic

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.” – G.K. Chesterton

Another blustery, stormy day at the seaside. Advertising A-boards being blown over, trees at impossible angles, horizontal rain. You can feel the energy in the air!

The cats kept leaping in fright every time a gust hit the building, but have now given up and gone to sleep (their panacea for all ills).

On the weather

November 13, 2009

A phenomenon in the UK, everyone talks about the weather! It amused me when I first arrived here, but I came to realise how it affects our daily lives.

In South Africa, you could be sure, generally, that the day was going to be hot and sunny. Sure, we have our rainy spells, and winter on the Highveld can be very cold. About every six or seven years we might have a light snowfall! Such excitement.



Abandoned umbrellas abound ...

In Britain we have funny (peculiar) rain – rain that can’t make up it’s mind. Does it actually want to rain or will it just hang about in the grey heavy clouds, keeping us on tenterhooks? Or will it just be pretend-rain that actually seems to come upwards from the pavement?



... another redundancy!

Or will it be a sudden downpour, drenching us from head to toe as we struggle to find our (useless) umbrellas in depths of our handbags? How about that stormy rain that blows in from the Channel and bowls over everything and everyone in it’s path?


… had enough

Whichever way it occurs, store-bought umbrellas are useless, sheltering us for a few seconds before saying “ooh, I’ve had enough of this”, giving up and blowing inside out. I often wonder if I should splash out (gettit?) and buy one of those “hurricane-proof” umbrellas I see advertised, but sincerely doubt if even they are British-weather-proof.

And so I join the damp throng in my traditional outfit of “kagool and wellies” (that’s anorak and gum-boots to you South Africans), and let the rain wash every scrap of make-up from my face. It’s either that or go stir-crazy.

 Oh, those lovely endlessly-long hot summer days and nights are a distant memory *sigh*. But the winter equinox is around the corner …